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How to Transfer RECs to Sun Tribe Trading via your GATS Account.

  1. Login to your GATS account

  2. In the “Certificates” menu, click “REC Transfer

  3. Select “Another Account Holder” then find and select “Sun Tribe Trading

  4. Transfer type: “Spot Market

  5. On bottom of page, click “Next

  6. Select the RECs you want to transfer (check boxes)

  7. On bottom of page, click “Next

  8. Confirm the selection by clicking OK

  9. At the top then it will ask you for a “Default Price” – type 0
    (or put in any number you want—doesn’t matter—we’ll go by what’s in your contract)

  10. Click “Go

  11. Confirm the price by clicking OK
    (again, price doesn’t matter, we will go by what’s in our contract with you)

  12. Then click “Next” at the bottom

  13. Check to see the transfer looks correct

  14. Press the “Submit” button

The RECs will sit in your Outbox until we accept them, which may take a day or two.

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