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Enphase says “You don’t own any system” or “Something went wrong…” It’s preventing you from authorizing another app or 3rd party (like Sun Tribe, for SRECs).

You might see this message:

Why are you getting this message?

The user account that you’re logging in to Enphase Enlighten with is limited. There are actually 2 types of accounts you can have when you log in to Enphase Enlighten:

  • owner accecss

  • user access (your account only has this)

Accounts set up with user access can not authorize special access to the account, and are limited in what they can do.

But, I own my system. Why do I not have “owner access”?

We can’t answer that question with certainty, but the most common reasons are:

  • Most common: It’s possible there’s another email of yours (or perhaps a spouse’s) whose email is associated with the owner user account. In this situation the owner user account exists, it is just forgotten about because you’re currently using another email to log in to Enphase Enlighten.

  • It’s possible your installer made a typo in spelling your email address

  • It’s possible the installer used a placeholder email account as the owner user, and it needs to be updated

We’ve heard that some installers think that if a system is financed, owner access shouldn’t be grantedIf your system is leased, the system owner (that’s not you) may be willing to grant you access for the purposes of SRECs, but it’s more likely the leasing company may already be monetizing the SRECs.

In the situation where another email address is associated with owner access, trying entering other email addresses of yours (or your spouse) when you try to log in. You can also use Enphase’s forgot password feature to check other email addresses and reset passwords.

If you were not the original owner of the system, it may be that ownership of the system was never transferred to the new user account that may have been created for you by the previous owner or installer. Follow the next step in that circumstance.

I am the homeowner and rightful system owner, how can I get it corrected?

  • Try other email addresses to log in with (as suggested above)

  • Contact your installer and explain that you need to know the email associated with the “owner account” for your Enphase Enlighten account. Make sure to give them the email address you’re trying to log in with. This is usually the best and fastest way to get this resolved.

  • If the installer is unresponsive, confused, or no longer in business, then you’ll need to do a bit more work.

  • Contact Enphase support, and explain to them that you are the homeowner and your installer is no longer able to correct the permissions granted for your user. Ask explicitly to be granted “owner access.” We have heard that Enphase is capable of getting this sorted out for you, but they may require additional proof of ownership.

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